JT Family Journal: History Meets Community at Katy Depot

During the last weekend in September, the ladies of the JT family headed to northern Texas. Sherman, Texas is the location of our public workshop - where customers can pick up orders or meet some of the team - and so we took the chance to take a trip to the city of Denison nearby. To paint the full picture, we all wore our matching JT Industrial Designs t-shirts. It was the last day of our little mini-getaway together so we thought it would be cute!

Denison is actually where our Sherman shop managers Philip and Katlyn live, just about 10 minutes from the workshop. They’ve lived in Texas for a few years longer than the rest of the team so they are familiar with the local scene and events in town. One of the places they’ve shared with us is the old train station, Katy Depot. We wanted to write about the great people there and share some photos of the gorgeous historic architecture.

Photo of exterior Katy Depot courtyard by JT Industrial Designs 

Our first stop was Stafford House Provisions, a sophisticated chic wine and charcuterie bar that goes far beyond a typical bar scene. The Stafford family owns and operates a beautiful lounge type bar with cocktails and other light charcuterie-style foods. The chic decor of the large sofas and elegant chandeliers fit perfectly in the restored Depot. One of the greatest features that makes Stafford house stand out is the wine tasting selection and the “vending machine” type of dispenser. For a small charge, you can actually sample the rare $600 bottle of wine or any others they have “on tap” that week. Stafford House Provisions is the place to stop in for a refreshing cocktail and pick up a gift for that special wine connoisseur in your life!

Industrial chic cocktail lounge bar with leather chairs and plush sofas for seating, relaxed atmosphere with sophisticated style and elegance, mimosas and multiple wines available, wine and champagne sommelier charcuterie girls night Denison Texas
Chic industrial rustic wine bar, charcuterie restaurant cocktail lounge with whit granite countertop and walls of wine and champagne bottles, Denison Texas Katy Depot, Stafford House Provisions
Photos of Stafford House Provisions by JT Industrial Designs

 Further into the hallway we were stopped by Phillip of CBD American Shaman. Phillip was so friendly and asked us about our shirts - that was when this visit took a turn from “just visiting” to building connections with very special folks. Phillip is so knowledgeable about Denison and the Sherman area, his family has roots near by and his own life has brought him full circle from getting married at the Depot (it is a perfect event venue!) to now operating his CBD shop there!

Photo of original bench and stained glass windows in Katy Depot hallway by JT Industrial Designs.

 Our talk with Phillip and Kristi was in the middle of the hallway which caught the attention of Lucas, a bright young man who recently opened his own curated boutique called Ray’s Mercantile. The story of the name Ray is a special one - you should ask about it when you visit. One of our favorite things about Lucas’ shop is it is the perfect blend of inclusive designs not just for women or men. The fashions are fresh and modern, trendy, and premium quality alongside accessories like hats, wallets, jewelry and more. There’s stationery and art that you will have a hard time resisting to take home with you. 

Ray's Mercantile boutique and accessory shop in Katy Depot in Sherman Texas, small business shop counter with vintage style branding name painted on the wall
Ray's Mercantile boutique shop store in Katy Depot, small business shop in SHerman Texas, store display with colorful fall trendy dresses and various clothing and accessories for men and women
Photos of Ray's Mercantile by JT Industrial Designs

Another shop owner we met was Olivia. Olivia and her mom own Vintage Victoria, a genuine vintage boutique full of one-of-a-kind finds. Her small space is packed with amazing items that range from petticoats to fur shrugs, lace cloche hats to rare World War 2 uniforms. Be sure to stop and meet their store mascot, Willow! They’re sure to have something perfect for you, whether you’re looking for a special occasion accessory or a new wardrobe staple.

Vintage Victoria boutique in Katy Depot in Sherman Texas, small boutique clothing rack with various style of vintage fashion coats such as fur and leather.

Vintage Victoria fashion boutique shop located in Katy Depot in Sherman Texas, small town small business community, shop has various fashion finds of authentic vintage periods 1930s and 40's, rare fashion accessories and costumes and jewelry

Photos of Vintage Victoria boutique by JT Industrial Designs

During our talk with Phillip, he brought Marlene to show her a few more shops and areas that weren’t immediately on our radar. He also introduced us to the wonderful property manager Kristi who has been working hard with the owners to bring new life into the halls of the Depot. One of the events they put on is actually this weekend - October 7th, 2023 - and all of the great people we met will be there along with many other local businesses. You can find more information on their Facebook page or Instagram! Don’t worry if you miss this one though, more events will be happening and you can bet that we will share those details as they are announced.


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