JT Family Journal: National Pet Tricks Day

Get ready to be amazed because it's National Pet Tricks Day! We thought it would be fun to share a little more of our family than just our woodworking talents! Today, we feature Pumpkin and Odin!

Gavi and Isaiah's cat, Pumpkin

Picture this: you walk into Gavi and Isaiah's house, and there's Pumpkin, sitting on the couch, slouched in total relaxation, and sipping a cup of tea (just kidding about the tea part!). It's a sight that never fails to bring a smile to everyone's face. But how does Pumpkin manage to sit like a human? Well, it's a combination of natural flexibility and a comical personality. He loves to imitate his human companions and show off his unique talent whenever he can.

orange maine coon cat sits with legs extended funny pose, industrail famrhouse bookcase handmade wood shelves in background

Philip and Katlyn's dog, Odin

One of the many things that makes Odin so special is his unique appearance. His two mismatch eyes are one blue and one brown, which gives him a playful look. Odin is also a very affectionate dog and loves to give hugs. Odin's fun personality is always on display. He loves to play with his toys and with his older brothers, Sam and Max. He is also very curious and loves to explore new places, go camping, and visit Lake Texoma. Odin is always up for an adventure and is always happy to see his humans.

Black Laborador, big puppy paws, one blue eye mismatched eyes, fun puppy, sits near custom entertainment center industrail style pipe and wood

Celebrate National Pet Tricks Day

So today, take a moment to share your pet's unique abilities. Maybe they can't sit like Pumpkin or have unique eyes like Odin, but they have their own special personalities that make them one of a kind. Make this National Pet Tricks Day a day to remember, filled with laughter, love, and lots of treats!

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